Raj Mahal

Indian, Curry, Chicken


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  • Bhunna Goasht

    Gebratenes Lammfleisch in Tomaten und Röstzwiebeln, mit kräftiger Soße



  • Mango Lassi

    Mango Lassi ist die Bezeichnung für ein indisches Joghurtgetränk mit Mango.

  • Dal Tadka

    Knoblauch, Zwiebeln, Indischen, Gewürzen

Hello Raj Mahal friends,

The Raj Mahal delivery service is your delivery service for numerous dishes from India. We have an extensive menu that leaves nothing to be desired. Anyone who has not yet dealt with the traditional dishes from the Indian continent has come to the right place. We offer you many colorful dishes, for example with lamb or chicken. also don't forget to try the delicious Indian vegetarian dishes.


  • Baljinder Singh

    I have ordered Butter chicken and Kadai paneer it was Mouth-watering food enjoyed a lot 👌

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  • Tobias Maier

    Super great new Indian in Regensburg. It just tastes great. Like in India. I love it.

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  • gurlin sandhu

    Personal war mega freundlich, haben während der Wartezeit gelacht und geredet. Essen war wirklich lecker und der Salat auch sehr frisch. Wartezeit ging wirklich schnell vorüber. Immer wenn ich dort vorbei komme, gehe ich dort essen.

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  • Abhishek Gupta

    The best Indian food I have ever eaten in Regensburg. Price is not much more expensive in budget. The food was also fresh with an authentic taste. Lassi in particular was delicious. I can recommend this restaurant!

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  • Sir van Brain

    Food was good and plentiful. Big portion. The sauce, in particular, was very tasty and full of flavor. Pick-up on site went smoothly and on time. The lamb Korma is my recommendation!

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